A selfless flight attendant, a down-and-out paramedic, and an overworked lawyer: three perfect strangers' simple lives are thrown on a collision course from a single action, converging on the moment that defined this generation.


Amy puts on her brave face for the day’s grind, helping crying babies and putting sleazy businessman in their place on what was supposed to be her day off. When a single act turns her world upside down, she must attempt to find help from the outside world for herself and the rest of the plane.



Michael yearns for the good-ole-days, and attempts to escape the ambulance to reclaim his lost spot on Ladder 41’s truck, taken by the punk rookie, Mckowski.




Sam puts his anniversary on hold until he can put his big case to bed. After an all-nighter, all seems to go smoothly until it’s revealed that Neil, his right-hand man, may have completely sabotaged his case. Sam needs to get to the bottom of this fiasco before he can get away with his wife.



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