About Us

47 Minutes Productions, LLC is a small production company based in Orem, Utah. They have just finished their first short film.

The members of 47 Minutes Productions, LLC are: Austin Wilson, Owner, Producer and Director; Joshua French, Writer and Producer; and Merrill Nielson, Producer, Editor and Colorist.

They completed “47 Minutes” in October of 2014 and are currently submitting it to film festivals and student awards for the 2015 year.

Our Story

47 Minutes Productions, LLC came out of necessity while studying at Utah Valley University. It took the foresight of Austin Wilson, then a Junior in the Film program, to team up with a Theater major, Joshua French, to develop a capstone for his senior project.

Joshua studied acting and wrote for several years before returning to his university studies. His second year back, one of his short plays, “47 Minutes”, was produced for the Short Attention Span Theater and has since gone on to win several National Awards, including Writers Digest top 100 plays for that year (2011).


Austin had the opportunity to see the show. Immediately he saw the potential of turning the simple stage play into a fully developed high production value short film.

A semester later, neither yet knowing the other, the two shared a directing class in March of 2012. On the last day of class, they exchanged numbers with the sentiment that “it would be nice to work with you someday.”

Austin called Josh down in Evansville, Indiana from Utah and proposed turning “47 Minutes” into a short film. Without hesitation, Josh jumped completely on board.

The summer of 2012, the two started pre-production. They grabbed a third, Merrill Nielson – then a junior in film program and a brilliant editor – to set up the improbable task of taking a play and turning it into a film.

The three spent the next two years doing everything in their power to create the best possible short film. They proved time and time again that they could do the seeming-impossible with a limited budget and a lot of heart.


The production company was formed quickly, both to watch expenses and to possibly use for future endeavors. They had the luxury of many of the university’s most talented film students jumping in to be a part of the project.

It’s been a pleasure to see everyone associated with this project literally have doors open up. All are now working (daily) in their disciplines: DPs, ADs, ACs, Gaffers, Editors, Production Sound Mixers, Sound Designer, Composer, VFX Artist, as well as wonderful producers, script advisers, and art directors.

The whole team has definitely had their share of problems, however. Difficulties and misfortunes tested their mettle. Various team members dealt with family divorces, layoffs, medical problems, and life-threatening injuries. One that rocked most, especially the director, Austin, was that of his father’s untimely death. He was a legend to some, a supporter for others, and a friend to all.

The team members have a strong conviction in God and believe it no coincidence that they all could work on this film and support each other through their personal hells. Missed deadlines, hurt feelings, even death itself, brought each of them closer together. No longer was it about the company, or even the film. It became about supporting each another, from the darkest abyss to brightest days.  Everyone involved had an “all in” mentality.


“47 minutes” is a film about humanity and love, forgiveness and support, and remembering that life is precious even when time truly is gone.


It was “one” class that allowed perfect strangers to become wonderful friends. The byproduct is this company.